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The CrossSync PHY USB4® and Thunderbolt™ software option for your Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscope enables precise, intuitive navigation between time-correlated protocol analyzer and oscilloscope traces.
Teledyne LeCroy CrossSync PHY software and USB4 Test Fixture Coupons seamlessly merge the functions of your Teledyne LeCroy protocol analyzer and oscilloscope - giving insight into link behavior that no other instrument can provide. Learn more about CrossSync PHY

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Host-Device Link Training

Characterize entire link training sequence with visibility of high-speed transmitter and receiver, sidebands, and USB power delivery. Observe speed changes in both electrical and protocol domains. Trigger on problematic link training behaviors and analyze their consequences through the entire protocol stack. Save, recall and re-analyze linked oscilloscope and protocol analyzer traces.

Resolve Interoperability Issues

Faster root-cause analysis means fewer costly finger-pointing exercises. Trigger the protocol analyzer and oscilloscope captures on the same high-level event, then easily measure timing relationships between protocol and electrical domains.

Analyze Link Training and Power Delivery

Observe electrical-level results of protocol-level commands - combined navigation means always knowing which protocol and electrical behaviors happen at the same time. No single instrument or solution can deliver this level of cross-layer insight into link training behavior.


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