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The 1000Base-T1 Trigger, Decode, Measure/Graph and Physical Layer (TDMP) is the first solution which provides startup trigger, transparent color-coded decode overlays, protocol tables and search capabilities, Measure/Graph capability with automated measurement and graphing tools, Eye Diagram capability combined with receiver equalization for decoding real-world signals.

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Key Features
  • Integrated equalizer improves decoding of real-wolrd signals
  • Bidirectional coupler with built-in calibration provides superior signal fidelity
  • Debug link start-up handshaking enables deep system insight
  • Easily trigger and debug Link Startup handshaking
  • Identify Link Startup and Packet Errors
  • Descramble 1000Base-T1 Data Packets
  • PAM3 Eye Diagram lets characterize system performance
  • Automatic timing measurements supports latency monitoring
  • Simulation of receiver equalizer shows real receiver behavior
Faster debugging by analyzing startup phase and data traffic
1000Base-T1 Start-Up phase using on a real-world signal using equalizer for Master and Slave

Trigger on and decode the link startup handshaking between the Master and Slave. Track where the devices are in the handshaking sequence to determine the cause of a proper link not being established.

The only decoder and debugger for real world signals
Purple shows equalized 1000Base-T1 signal while the yellow show the raw 1000Base-T1 signal.

The equalizers integrated into the software gives the ability to decode real-time signals (yellow) and allows to simulate real receiver behavior (purple). The parameters can be set separately for master and slave. Together with the possibility of compensation for the effects of the bi-directional coupler, the conditions in real systems can be reproduced.

Bidirectional coupler with built-in calibration provides superior signal fidelity
The left graph shows the uncorrected PAM3 eye diagram while the right shows the PAM3 eye diagram after using a calibration function for the bidirectional coupler

The TF-AUTO-ENET separates bi-directional link traffic to independently view signals from the Master and Slave. The software enhances the directivity of the directional couplers in real time, providing superior signal fidelity compared to other directional coupler approaches.

Combine Trigger & Decoder with Measure and Debug Tools
The graphical user interface is easy to understand and helps setting up all needed function for the 1000Base-T1 decoder

A single tool that connects the entire signal processing flow, from input through equalizer functions to the final output to the eye diagram display and/or decoder. This enables a complete analysis, simplifies the settings, and provides an ideal overview.

PAM3 Eye Diagram lets characterize system performance
PAM3 Eye Diagram for the 1000Base-T1 decoder

Use the PAM3 eye diagram tool and analyze signal quality communication problems between master and slave that are not identifiable during compliance testing. This provides full characterization and quantification of link performance based on 12 parameters, including eye height and eye width of both upper and lower eyes. Visual system failure rates with customizable adjustable BER contours.


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