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500 MHz 60 V Common Mode Differential Probe. Includes standard set of leads and tips.

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    60 V Common Mode Differential Probes

DL02-HCM - 250 MHz 60 V Common Mode Differential Probe. Includes standard set of leads and tips.
DL05-HCM - 500 MHz 60 V Common Mode Differential Probe. Includes standard set of leads and tips.
DL10-HCM - 1 GHz 60 V Common Mode Differential Probe. Includes standard set of leads and tips.
DL-HCM-HiTemp - DL-HCM series high-temperature solder-in tip, 30 MHz bandwidth, 1 meter length.
DL-HCM-Acc-Kit - DL-HCM series accessories kit with probe holder, micro IC grabbers (Qty 2.), and Y-banana adaptor.
Key Features
  • Ideal probe for up to 48 V power conversion
    • 250, 500 MHz and 1 GHz bandwidth
    • 80 V dynamic range
    • 60 V common mode
  • Highest accuracy
    • 0.5% gain accuracy
    • Precision gain calibration
    • Best LF flatness (0.1 dB)
  • Lowest noise and highest rejection
  • Wide variety of tips
    • High performance solder-in
    • Browser
    • Single pins and header
    • Mini and micro grabbers
    • Socketed connections
    • High temp solder-in
    • Y-banana adaptor
  • ProBus active probe interface


Ideal Probes for up to 48V GaN Power Conversion

60 V of common mode and 80 V differential input range with 1 GHz of bandwidth, make these probes ideal for lower voltage GaN power conversion measurements. The 60 V of common mode is well suited for handling any float of the battery and bulk/absorption voltage during charging, while the 80 V differential input range provide margin for any overshoot.

Highest Accuracy

The DL-HCM probes are calibrated for high-precision measurements to within 0.5% at DC and 0.1 dB flatness from DC to 100 MHz. This ensures high accuracy top and base voltage level measurement of pulse-width modulated signals. The Precision Gain Calibration capability furthers measurement precision by improving the gain accuracy and removing small offset drifts from the measurement configuration.

Lowest Noise and Highest Rejection

The Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR) is exceptional to very high frequencies. This provides for the best measurement performance when measuring very fast slew rate (high dV/dt) PWM signals typical of GaN devices and systems. Exceptional CMRR, combined with low probe noise and high offset capability, makes the probes capable of measuring very small control signals floating on high common mode voltages.

Wide Variety of Tips

The 60 V Common Mode Differential Probes provide the perfect combination of high performance and flexibility for connecting to any device under test. An optional accessory kit and high temperature solder-in tip are available for further connectivity options.



Main Specifications

Bandwidth 500 MHz (guaranteed, without leads)
500 MHz (High performance solder-in)
500 MHz (Browser)
500 MHz (2" Y-lead/solder-in)
500 MHz (5" Y-lead)
30 MHz (Hi-Temp lead)
Input Impedance 200 kΩ || 0.6 pF (between inputs), 100 kΩ || 1 pF (either input to ground)
Attenuation 7.8x / 17.5x / 70x
Differential Voltage Range 80 V (DC + peak AC) from 200 mV/div to 20 V/div
Maximum Safe Input Voltage For Hand-held use:
28.28 Vrms or 60 V DC (referenced to ground) per IEC/EN 61010-031:2015
DC Gain Accuracy +/- 0.5% (guaranteed)
DC Gain Drift ≤ 0.075%/°C, can be calibrated out with precision gain cal
Rise Time
700 ps
Offset Range ±60V
Common Mode Voltage Range ±60 V (DC + peak AC)
Maximum Input Voltage to Earth 80 V (DC + peak AC), max 60 V DC (either input to ground)
Sensitivity 200 mV/div to 1 V/div (7.8x)
1.02 V/div to 2.5 V/div (17.5x)
2.55 V/div to 20 V/div (70x)
Frequency Response Flatness DC to 100MHz: 0.1 dB
Output Termination 50 Ω
Interface ProBus
Cable Length (input lead to oscilloscope connection) 1.42 m from probe sockets to oscilloscope connection
Input/Output Coupling DC

Noise and Rejection

CMRR (Typical) DC - 10 kHz: 80 dB
100 kHz: 70 dB
1 MHz: 55 dB
100MHz: 50 dB
500 MHz: 35 dB
Noise (Probe) 200 mV/div to 1 V/div: 3.25mVrms
1.02 V/div to 2.5 V/div: 4.5mVrms
2.55 V/div to 20 V/div: 14.5mVrms


Temperature (Operating) 0°C to 50°C
Temperature (Non-Operating) -40°C to 70°C
Humidity (Operating) 5% to 90% RH (Non-Condensing) up to 30°C, decreasing linearly to 45% RH at 50°C
Humidity (Non-Operating) 5% to 95% RH (Non-Condensing), 75% RH above 40°C, 45% RH above 50°C
Altitude (Operating) Up to 3000 m (9842 ft)


CE Conforms to EN61010-031:2015, EN61326-1:2013, and EN50581:2012
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