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1 MOhm Adapter

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    Probe Parts and Kits

PK1-5MM-125 - Solid Tip 0.8 mm
PK1-5MM-126 - Spring Tip 0.8 mm
PK1-5MM-127 - BNC adapter 5.0-L
PK1-5MM-128 - Insulating cap 5.0-L
PK1-5MM-129 - Protection Cap 5.0-L
PK1-5MM-130 - Sprung hook 5.0-L
PK1-5MM-131 - Adjustment tool
PK1-5MM-132 - Flexible adapter 5.0-L to 4 mm
PK1-5MM-133 - Safety alligator clip red
PK1-5MM-134 - Ground Lead 22mm
AP-1M - 1 MOhm Adapter for WaveMaster
QL-SI-9PACK - 9-pack of replacement QuickLink Solder-In tips
PK-HV-002 - PK-HV-002
PK-HV-001 - Accessory kit for High Voltage Differential Probe
PK-HVA-01 - Replacement Alligator Clips for High Voltage Differential Probe
PK-HVA-02 - Replacement Pincer Clips for High Voltage Differential Probe
PK-HVA-03 - Replacement Hook Clips for High Voltage Differential Probe
PK-HVA-04 - Replacement Long Alligator Clips for High Voltage Differential Probe
PK-HVA-05 - Replacement Spade Terminals for High Voltage Differential Probe
PK-HVA-06 - PK-HVA-06
LPA-K-A - Pro-Link to K/2.92mm Adapter
LPA-SMA-A - Pro-Link to SMA Adapter, new style
OE695G-REFCAL - OE695G Reference Cal (1ch)
PACC-CD007 - Solder-In Ground (Qty. 2)
PACC-CD008 - Bendable Pogo Ground (qty of 2)
PACC-CL001 - Probe Clips For SMD 0.5MM
PACC-LD002 - Square Pin Ground Spring
PACC-LD003 - Replacement Right Angle S-Lead
PACC-LD004 - Replacement Right Angle L-Lead
PACC-LD006 - Single Lead 4.25
PACC-MS002 - Replacement Cartridge HFP Probe
PACC-MS003 - Low C Fixed Tip Cartridge
PACC-PT001 - Probe Tips Straight (qty 4)
PACC-PT003 - IC Lead Tip (Qty. 4)
PACC-PT005 - Bent Sharp Tip (Qty. 4)
PACC-ZD001 - Y lead Adapter for ZD differential probes - Qty 1
PACC-ZD002 - Solder-in lead for ZD differential probe - QTY 2
PACC-ZD003 - Long spring ground for ZD differential probe - QTY 2
PACC-ZD004 - Tip saver for ZD differential probe - QTY 2
PACC-ZD005 - Swivel tip adapter for ZD differential probe - QTY 1
PACC-ZD006 - Small IC adapter for ZD differential probe - QTY 2
PACC-ZD009 - Micro pogo pin tips for ZD differential probe - Qty 6
PK-ZS - Replacement Accessory Kit for ZS Series Active Probes
PK-ZS-001 - Straight Probe Tip (pkg of 4)
PK-ZS-002 - Offset Ground (pkg of 4)
PK-ZS-003 - Short Ground Lead (pkg of 4)
PK-ZS-004 - Long Ground Lead (pkg of 4)
PK-ZS-005 - Y Lead Adaptor (qty 4)
PK-ZS-006 - Right-Angle Connector (qty 4)
PK-ZS-007B - Sprung Hook - Black (qty 4)
PK-ZS-007R - Sprung Hook - Red (qty 4)
PK-ZS-008 - Ground Blade (qty 4)
PK-ZS-009 - Copper Pad (qty 4)
PK-ZS-010 - Color Coding Rings (4 Sets)
PK-ZS-014 - Y Lead Adaptor - ZS4000 (Qty.4)
PK-ZS-015 - Ground Blade (wide) - ZS4000 (Qty.4)
PK-ZS-016 - Offset Ground - ZS4000 (Qty.4)
PK-ZS-017 - Pogo Tip - ZS4000 (Qty.4)
PK-ZS-018 - 2.54mm Sq.Pin Adaptor - ZS4000 (Qty.4)
PK-ZS-019 - Freehand Probe Holder - ZS4000 (Qty.1)
PK-ZS-020 - Pogo Ground Lead - ZS4000 (Qty.4)
PK-ZS-021 - Ground Blade (narrow) - ZS4000 (Qty.4)
PK-ZS-022 - Straight Pin (short) - ZS4000 (Qty.4)
PK-ZS-023 - Straight Pin (long) - ZS4000 (Qty.4)
PK-ZS-024 - 2.54mm PCB Adapter - ZS4000 (Qty.10)
PK-ZS-025 - Quad Flat Pack IC Clip Pair (Yellow/Green) (Qty.1 Pair)
PK-ZS4000 - ZS4000 Standard Accessory Pack
Dx10-SI-HiTEMP - Replacement Solder tip leadset for use with D410/D610 and temperature extension cables
Dx20-SI-HiTEMP - Replacement Solder tip leadset for use with D420/620 and temperature extension cables
Dx10-HiTEMP - WaveLink Temperature Extension cables for Dx10. Includes 1 set of matched 30" high temperature cables, 1 solder tip lead set
Dx20-HiTEMP - WaveLink Temperature Extension cables for Dx20. Includes 1 set of matched 30" high temperature cables, 1 solder tip lead set
Dx10-Cable-HiTemp - Replacement 30" matched cable set for use with Dx10 HiTemp Solder tip leadset
Dx20-Cable-HiTemp - Replacement 30" matched cable set for use with Dx20 HiTemp Solder tip leadset
PK006-1 - Replacement Dual Lead Adapter
PK006-2 - Replacement Single Lead Adapter
PK006-3 - Replacement .05MM Clip Set
PK001 - Probe Accessories for PP001/PP002
PK007-001 - Replacement Sprung Hook
PK003 - Probe Accessories for PP061/PP062/PP064
PK007-002 - Replacement Standard GND
PK007-003 - Replacement Adjustment Tool
PK007-004 - Replacement Rigid Tip
PK007-005 - Replacement Spring Tip
PK007-006 - Replacement Color Coding Rings pack of 8
PK007-007 - Replacement Insulate Cap pack of 10
PK007-008 - Replacement IC-Cap for .5mm pack of 10
PK007-009 - Replacement IC-Cap for .65mm pack 10
PK007-010 - Replacement IC Cap for .8mm pack of 10
PK007-011 - Replacement IC-Cap for 1. mm pack 10
PK007-012 - Replacement IC-Cap for 1.27mm
PK007-013 - Replacement Ground Blade pack of 5
PK007-014 - Replacement Copper Pad pack of 25
PK007-015 - Replacement PCB Adaptor pack of 25
PK007-016 - Replacement Ground Spring
PK007-017 - Replacement Single Lead
PK007-018 - Replacement 2 Lead Adapter
PK007-019 - Replacement Pico Hook
PK007-020 - Replacement Micro Clip Long
PK007-021 - Replacement Micro Clip Short
PK007-022 - Replacement Adapter 2mm Plug
PK007-023 - Replacement Adapter 4mm Plug
PK007-024 - Replacement Ground Lead 0.8mm Socket
PK007-025 - Replacement Ground Lead with Clip
PK007-026 - Replacement Ground Lead with Mini Clip
PK007-027 - Replacement Ground Lead 0.8mm Socket
PK007-028 - Replacement Ground Lead 2mm Plug
PK007-029 - Replacement Ground Lead 4mm Plug
PK007-030 - Replacement HF-Comp Ground Lead
PK007-031 - Replacement BNC-Adapter 2.5
PK033 - Probe Accessories for AP033/AP034
PK101 - Microclip Accessories for PP005/PP005A
PK102 - Probe Accessories for PP005/PP005A
PK103 - Accessory Kit for PPE1.2kV, PPE2kV, PPE4kV, PPE5kV, and PPE6kV Limited Availability
pk104 - Accessory Kit for PPE20kV
PK104-1 - Ground Lead 15CM PPE20KV
PK104-2 - Hook For PPE20KV (PK104)
PK106 - SMT Probing Accessories for PPE Series, PP005/PP005A, and PP065 Surface Mount Technology Products
PK106-1 - Dual Lead Adapter PP005/PPE
PK106-2 - Single Lead Adapter PP005/PPE
PK106-3 - 0.5MM Clip PP005/PPE Green
PK106-4 - Probe Tip TO Pcb Adapter
PK106-5 - M/F Long Lead PP005/PPE
PK106-6 - M/F Short Lead PP005/PPE
PK106-8 - 0.5MM Clip PP005/PPE Yellow
PK111 - Replacement Accessory kit for ZD500, ZD1000, and ZD1500
PK116-1 - Replacement PP006 Sprung Hook Limited Availability
PK116-3 - Replacement PP006 Ground Pin Limited Availability
PK30X-1 - Banana Hook Clips, (1 red and 1 blue)
PK30X-2 - Banana Alligator Clips, (1 red and 1 blue)
PK30X-3 - Banana Jaw Clips, (1 red and 1 blue)
PK30X-4 - Banana Clamp Clips, (1 red and 1 blue)
PK30X-5 - Banana Spade Terminals, (1 red and 1 blue)
PK350ST-1 - Replacement Damping Resistor Kit for D350ST-SI
PK500PT-1 - Replacement Probe Tip for D500PT, Pkg. of 2
PK600ST-1 - Replacement Resistor Kit for D600ST-SI (qty 5)
PK600ST-2 - Replacement Resistor Kit for D600ST-QC Quantity 20, 56 Ohm
PK701 - Basic Adapter Kit for PP007-WR-1 and PP007-WS-1
PK702 - Advanced Adapter Kit for PP007-WR-1 and PP007-WS-1
PK703 - SMD Adapter Kit for PP007-WR-1 and PP007-WS-1
PK704 - Microclip Adapter Kit for PP007-WR-1 and PP007-WS-1
PKIT4-5MM-101 - Standard Accessory Replacement Kit for PP017/PP018
PP001/002-1 - PP001/002 Ground Lead
PP001/002-2 - PP001/002 Probe Tip To BNC
PP001/002-3 - PP001/002 Sprung Hook
PP005-BNC - Replacement Probe Tip-BNC Adapter
PP005-GL11 - Replacement 11cm Ground Lead
PP005-GL22 - Replacement 22cm Ground Lead
PP005-GLPT - Replacement Probe Tip Ground Lead
PP005-HOOK - Replacement Sprung Hook
PP005-RT - Replacement Rigid Tip V2A
PP005-ST38 - Replacement Spring Tip .38MM
PP005-ST8 - Replacement Spring Tip .8MM
405400003 - Probe Offset Pin
Leading Features
  • Bandwidth: 500 MHz typical, 350 MHz guaranteed
  • Input Impedance: 1 M Ω
  • Full-scale Range: ±8 V pk (±80 V pk with PP005A probe)
  • Offset Range (12-bit resolution):
    • ±2.5 V pk below 200 mV/div (±25 V pk below 2 V/div with PP005A probe);
    • ±50 V pk at and above 200 mV/div (±500 V pk at and above 20 V/div with PP005A probe)
  • Max. Withstand Voltage: ±150 V pk Cat I
  • Input Capacitance: 20 pF ±2 pF With PP005A: 11 pF at probe tip
  • Coupling: DC, AC (cutoff < 10 Hz)
  • Gain accuracy: ±3% system accuracy with AP-1M Adapter used with WaveMaster family products
  • Offset Accuracy: ±(3% of full scale + 1.5% of offset value + 2 mV)
  • Meets or exceeds Environmental Specifications (Operating Temperature: 5 °C to 40 °C, etc.) of WaveMaster family products.
  • Certification: CE Approved, Conforms to EN 61010-1 (Safety) and EN 61326-1 (EMC)

The AP-1M Adapter provides a high impedance (1 M Ω) interface for use on the WaveMaster family of products (DSO, DDA, SDA). The Adapter presents a high impedance path (instead of the 50 Ω WaveMaster input impedance) and allows you to measure higher voltage signals while also expanding the full-scale range capability of measurement.

The specifications pertain only to the AP-1M Adapter itself. You can achieve even higher full-scale ranges and offset ranges with the overall signal measurement chain (WaveMaster family product + AP-1MAdapter + Probe), depending on the probe used. The AP-1M Adapter is supplied with a PP005A passive probe, but it is suitable for use with other probe types, including current probes, which require a 1 M Ω path. The AP-1M also serves as a ProLink-to-ProBus adapter.

Do not apply a voltage to the AP-1M Adapter’s measuring terminal that exceeds its maximum specified withstand voltage (±150 V pk ).

The recommended calibration interval is one year. Calibration should be performed by qualified personnel only.

Operating Environment
The AP-1M Adapter is intended for indoor use and should be operated in a clean, dry environment. The design of the AP-1M Adapter has been verified to conform to EN 61010-1 safety standard per the following limits:
  • Installation (Overvoltage) Category I: Refers to signal level, which is applicable for equipment measuring terminals that are connected to source circuits in which measures are taken to limit transient voltages to an appropriately low level.
  • Pollution Degree 2: Refers to an operating environment where normally only dry non-conductive pollution occurs. Occasionally a temporary conductivity caused by condensation must be expected.

Abnormal Conditions
Operate the AP-1M Adapter only as intended by the manufacturer. Remove the AP-1M Adapter from operation if you suspect the AP-1M Adapter has been impaired. The AP-1M Adapter protection is likely to be impaired, if for example, it fails to perform the intended measurements or the adapter shows signs of visible damage.

The exterior of the AP-1M Adapter should only be cleaned with a soft cloth moistened with either water or isopropyl alcohol. Under no circumstances should moisture be allowed to penetrate the AP-1M Adapter.

Safety Symbols
The following symbols appear on the AP-1M Adapter''s cover or in this manual and alert the customer to important safety considerations.

Refer to the accompanying information or documents in order to protect against personal injury or damage to the instrument.

The CAUTION sign indicates a potential hazard. It calls attention to a procedure, practice, or condition, which, if not followed, could possibly cause damage to the equipment. If a CAUTION is indicated, do not proceed until its conditions are fully understood and met.

Vertical System

Offset Range (12-bit resolution):
±2.5 V pk below 200 mV/div (±25 V pk below 2 V/div with PP005A probe)
±50 V pk at and above 200 mV/div (±500 V pk at and above 20 V/div with PP005A probe)

Main Specifications

Bandwidth 500 MHz typical, 350 MHz guaranteed

Electrical Characteristics

Input Impedance 1 M Ohm