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DH series high-sensitivity solder-in tip, 30 GHz BW, 2.0 Vpp range

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    Differential Probes (8-30 GHz)

DH08-PB2 - 8 GHz differential probe with ProBus2 interface
DH08-PL - 8 GHz differential probe with ProLink interface
DH13-PL - 13 GHz differential probe with ProLink interface
DH16-PL - 16 GHz differential probe with ProLink interface
DH20-PL - 20 GHz differential probe with ProLink interface
DH25-PX - 25 GHz differential probe with ProAxial interface
DH30-PX - 30 GHz differential probe with ProAxial interface
DH-CSPHY-PCIE5-CEMX16 - DH series tip - CrossSync PHY PCIe5 CEM x16
DH-SI-HS - DH series high-sensitivity solder-in tip, 30 GHz BW, 2.0 Vpp range
DH-SI - DH series solder-in tip, 30 GHz BW, 3.5 Vpp range
DH-HITEMP - DH series high-temperature solder-in tip, 16 GHz BW, 3.5 Vpp range
DH-QL - DH series QuickLink adapter, 8 GHz BW
DH-QL-3SI - DH series QuickLink adapter kit with 3 x QL-SI tips
DH-PT - DH series PT browser tip, 16 GHz BW, 3.5 Vpp range
Key Features
  • Bandwidth models from 8 GHz to 30 GHz
  • Low loading and high impedance for minimal signal disturbance
  • Wide variety of tips:
    • Standard and high-sensitivity 30 GHz solder-in tips
    • High-temperature solder-in tip with 1-meter lead
    • QuickLink adapter for mixed-signal probing
    • Handheld browser tip
    • Tips for direct oscilloscope connection to CrossSync PHY protocol analyzer interposers
  • Built-in tip identification for simple setup and precise signal reproduction
  • Ideal for debug and validation of:
    • DDR3/LPDDR3
    • DDR5
    • Other high-speed serial interfaces


General-purpose probing up to 30 GHz
QPHY DDR5 with HDA125 - Eye Diagram - CMD bus Decode

Teledyne LeCroy’s DH series 8 to 30 GHz differential probes offer the combination of bandwidth, input range and offset capability to address any high-speed probing requirement from debugging serial data interfaces to validating DDR memory systems. DH series probes provide superior loading characteristics and are calibrated with a custom “fine-tuned” frequency response. The ultra-low loading and flat frequency response ensure accurate measurements.

Smart probe tips for all applications
probe tips

Two 30 GHz solder-in leads let you choose between a 3.5 Vpp input range for general-purpose applications, or high sensitivity with exceptionally low noise. Also available are a 1-meter long 16 GHz high-temperature tip, a 16 GHz browser tip, and a QuickLink adapter for connecting mixed-signal probe tips. The same solder-in, high-temperature and QuickLink tips are compatible with all DH series probes and can be interchanged between any probes in the series for ultimate flexibility in the lab. Each tip contains its own identification and calibration data for accurate signal reproduction and superior ease of use.

Solder-in tips (DH-SI and DH-SI-HS)

The 30 GHz DH series solder-in tips are extremely small to facilitate access to signals on tightly-packed boards, with a 9-inch lead length to help reach difficult probing points. The standard DH-SI tip has a 3.5 Vpp input range, perfect for DDR memory and other general-purpose high-speed serial signal applications. For smaller signals where low noise is critical, the DH-SI-HS high-sensitivity tip has a 2.0 Vpp input range and exceptional noise performance.

High-temperature tip (DH-HITEMP)

For tests where the device must be placed in an environmental chamber, the DH-HITEMP tip allows the solder-in probe tip to be separated from the probe amplifier by up to 1 meter. The tip offers 16 GHz bandwidth, 3.5 Vpp input range and an operating temperature range of -40 °C to +125 °C, making it ideal for environmental testing of a wide variety of high-speed devices.

Positioner (Browser) Tip (DH-PT)

In situations where quick access to many test points is critical, the DH-PT browser tip offers 16 GHz of bandwidth in a convenient "pencil"-style form factor. An included Freehand probe holder allows simple hands-free browsing.

CrossSync PHY cross-layer probing (DH-CSPHY)
DH CrossSync PHY Probe tips

CrossSync PHY technology enables waveforms from Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscopes to be viewed alongside protocol analyzer traces, with complete time-correlation of electrical and protocol information. A range of CrossSync PHY enabled interposers provides direct connection for DH Series probes to high-speed signal lines using special DH-CSPHY probe tips.

QuickLink adapter (DH-QL)

The DH-QL adapter enables QuickLink solder-in probe tips to be used with any DH series probe. For embedded systems validation and debug, these tips can be used for both analog probing with the DH series probes and digital acquisition with the HDA125 high-speed digital analyzer.

Mixed-signal flexibility

When connected to a Teledyne LeCroy analog differential probe, QuickLink tips provide 8 GHz of bandwidth and a flat, well-controlled frequency response. When used with the HDA125 for digital acquisitions, they support 3 GHz bandwidth with industry-leading sensitivity. The HDA125 provides the ability to acquire and analyze DDR command bus signals and other high-speed digital buses directly alongside time-correlated analog signals on the standard oscilloscope channels.



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