Physical Layer Test Solutions

Physical Layer Test Solutions

Tools tailored towards In-Vehicle Network test and debug.

Protocol Layer Test Solutions

Protocol Layer Test Solutions

Protocol analysis – capture, analyze, and test devices that use the 2.4 GHz and 5GHz ISM bands and Conformance testing (Bluetooth LE)

  • Complete captures of Bluetooth LE, Bluetooth Classic BR/EDR, 802.11 a/b/g/n and ac, and 802.15.4 Technologies
  • Capture Wired technologies (HCI UART & Logic) alongside Wireless for comprehensive debugging
  • Small footprint, USB bus powered and car adapter (included) for exceptional mobility
  • Highly portable
Explore Bluetooth Protocol Analysis SolutionsExplore Bluetooth LE Conformance TestingExplore Automotive Torque Testing
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Testing and Consulting Services

Make sure your team and your products are ready – Frontline Test Services offers both world class consultancy services and interoperability testing services.

  • Leverage Teledyne LeCroy’s expertise and experience with technologies including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB and more
  • The FTS Team provides help during any part of your products lifecycle from design concept to after market
  • Take advantage of one of the largest test device libraries in the industry
  • Expand or enhance your QA department
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The Best Next Generation Automotive Ethernet Solutions

Cover all aspects of physical layer Automotive Ethernet compliance testing and debug.

100Base-T1 TDME

Trigger / Decoder and Debug Tools

  • Trigger, decode and analyze PLCA
  • Debug Link Startup handshaking
  • Eye Diagrams and automated measurements
Explore 10Base-T1S Explore 100Base-T1
Automotive Ethernet Debug

Debug and Characterize System Performance

  • Enhanced Signal Separation
  • Dedicated PAM3 debug environment
  • 12 eye diagram parameters
Explore Automotive Ethernet Debug

Comprehensive Compliance Testing

  • 10Base-T1S, 100Base-T1, TC8, 1000Base-T1 and MultiGBase-T1
  • Support for IEEE and OPEN Alliance
  • Pass/fail report Generation
Explore QPHY-10Base-T1SExplore QPHY-10Base-T1-TDRExplore QPHY-100Base-T1Explore QPHY-100Base-T1-TDRExplore QPHY-1000Base-T1 Explore QPHY-1000Base-T1-TDR Explore QPHY-MultiGBase-T1

Superior In-Vehicle Networking Tools

Tools tailored towards In-Vehicle Network test and debug.

CAN, CAN FD, J1939


  • Symbolic (.ARXML and .dbc) trigger and decode
  • Automated timing measurements
  • Eye diagram with mask testing per ID
Explore CAN, CAN FD, CAN XL, J1939


  • LIN 1.3, 2.x and J2602 support
  • Conditional ID/Address triggering
  • Flexible Error-frame trigger
Explore LIN


  • Trigger on frames, symbols, and errors
  • Eye diagram with mask testing
  • FlexRay physical layer measurements
Explore FlexRay


  • Decode and analyze fast and slow channels
  • Extract and plot embedded SENT data
  • Characterize SENT SPC MTP Stability
Explore SENT and SENT SPC


Compliance testing for:

  • MOST 50 ePHY
  • MOST150 oPHY
  • MOST150 cPHY
Explore MOST150 cPHY and oPHYExplore MOST50 ePHY


  • Decode 125 and 189 kb/s
  • User-Definable Protocol Decoding
  • Quickly search long records
Explore Manchester/PSI5

CSI-2, DSI-2

  • Decode CSI-2 and DSI-2 over C-PHY/D-PHY
  • Physical layer tests
  • C-PHY and D-PHY conformance tests
Explore MIPI C-PHY
Explore MIPI D-PHY


  • Mature, proven technology
  • Backward-compatible and low cost
  • Data transfer speeds suitable for a variety of applications
Explore USB Solutions


  • Live or post-capture decryption and analysis
  • All Bluetooth profiles and protocols supported through the latest specification
  • Excursion Mode allows for one-button PC-free captures
Explore Bluetooth Solutions

Trigger, Decode, Measure/Graph, Eye Diagram

Powerful and unique TDME options for faster debug and validation efficiency

Highest Performance Triggers

Powerful Triggers and Decoders

  • Flexible Trigger Capability
  • Intuitive, Color-Coded Overlays
  • Filter decoder table on specific data
Explore Highest Performance Triggers
Measure and Graph Tools for Validation Efficiency

Unique Measure and Graph Tools

  • Serial Data DAC and Graphing Tools
  • Automated Timing Measurements
  • Bus Status Measurements
Explore Measure and Graph Tools for Validation Efficiency
Eye Diagrams & Physical Layer Testing

Flexible Eye Diagram Capability

  • 4 Simultaneous eyes
  • User-defined or pre-defined Masks
  • Additional Physical Layer Testing
Explore Eye Diagrams & Physical Layer Testing

Impedance Profile and S-parameters

Teledyne LeCroy WavePulser 40iX and the Teledyne Test Tools T3SP15D provide S-parameter and impedance profile measurements on cables, backplanes, connectors, transmission lines on boards and interconnects.

WavePulser 40iX

WavePulser 40iX – Unmatched Characterization Insight

  • S-parameters, DC to 40 GHz
  • Impedance profile with spatial resolution < 1mm
  • Deep toolbox for simulation, de-embedding and time-gating
Explore WavePulser 40iX High-speed Interconnect Analyzer
T3SP15D Time Domain Reflectometer

T3SP15D Time Domain Reflectometer

  • S-parameters, up to 15 GHz
  • Impedance profile with spatial resolution < 3mm
  • Small form factor and battery-powered
Explore T3SP Time Domain Reflectometers


High Speed Network and Automotive AN/LT Flapping
Automotive Ethernet MDI Mode Conversion Loss Test
Understanding the 100Base-T1 Link Startup
Fundamentals of the 100Base-T1 Frame
What is PAM3 Signaling?
Understanding the Basics of the SENT Protocol
What is SENT SPC?
Verifying the Stability of the SENT SPC MTP

Technical Documents

CAN Sensor Characterization

CAN-specific parameters measure sensor performance speed up validation of CAN/CAN FD ECU or network performance.

Decoding a SENT Protocol Signal

Review the basics of the SENT protocol and how to use a Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscope equipped with configurable SENT protocol decode software to properly decode SENT signals.

Decoding PSl5 with the Manchester Configurable Protocol Decoder

Learn how to use the Manchester configurable protocol decode software to properly decode PSI5 signals

Verifying the Stability of the SENT SPC MTP

Learn the basics of the SENT SPC protocol and see how to use a Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscope to verify a consistent Master Trigger Pulse (MTP) length.

Smart CAN Triggering

Time and Event qualified CAN Triggers will greatly increase your ability to debug a CAN/CAN FD ECU or network.

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