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Teledyne LeCroy is a leading provider of test, validation, and benchmarking test platforms to the storage industry.

The highly-capable and scalable OakGate SSD Test Platforms support all popular storage protocols and are based on advanced, proprietary software, industry standard hardware.​ OakGate’s SSD Test and Validation Software is the industry's most advanced with an unprecedented level of functionality, performance, and ease of use for testing storage devices. The software has been hardened over twelve years in intense test environments at major SSD customer sites worldwide. OakGate’s products have been deployed by top tier components suppliers, drive manufacturers, and storage system OEMs worldwide.

Bas​ic OakGate SSD Test Configuration Example



A customer’s Windows PC, Mac, or Linux-based machine with Enduro installed


An OakGate Linux-based desktop or rackmount system that includes the latest OakGate SVF software suite


16-Bay Enclosures can be added to scale up your test configuration. Up to 16 DUTs can be supported in each enclosure.​


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