R350-G5 PowerPlus 3U Rackmount Appliancefor PCI Express® Gen5

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Software Features


The R350-G5-PowerPlus Appliance is ideal for medium to large test teams who need maximum performance and comprehensive power and sideband signal management feature support.

The R350-G5-PowerPlus Appliance includes a seamlessly integrated Power Management Card (PMC) that adds full voltage margining and glitching support. Customers no longer need to purchase 3rd-party power interposers which significantly reduces their overall total cost of ownership.

With the new power capability in SVF/Enduro SSD engineers can now analyze voltage and current over time and under stress to help improve SSD power consumption in their designs. The software includes voltage margining gauges, time voltage graphs and waveform previews.

Software Features

feature Description
Protocol Support

Enjoy the satisfaction of having builtin support for the storage industry's most popular and emerging protocols.

Traffic Generation

Easily generate high-performance, randomized traffic profiles with I/O profiles. Includes support for Zoned Namespace.

Protocol Analyzer

Effectively debug and analyze from early prototype bring-up through long-term I/O testing using the embedded protocol analyzer.

Protocol Conformance / Directed Tests

Execute hundreds of built-in conformance tests that evaluate a device against its protocol, or create your own for maximum flexibility and control.

Error Injection

Inject error conditions to see how the DUT behaves in real-life situations.

Peripheral Control and Power Management

Test your product's true limits with our industry-leading multi-vendor support for peripheral control and power management.

Point and Click Automation

Create full automation suites without writing a single line of code using our integrated test automation tool.

Performance Benchmarking

Deliver consistent benchmarking results, measure the true performance of the device under test, and generate a suite of performance analytics.

Data Validation

Build confidence that your device behaves as intended and unconditionally keeps data intact, even under the most stressful power-loss situations.

M-Series 8-Bay Modules

OakGate 8-Bay Modules for the OakGate Appliances for PCI Express® 5.0 are a robust, versatile way to test and debug solid-state NVMe drives (SSDs).

Modules are available to support all popular storage interfaces. The 8-Bay Modules can be easily swapped in/out.

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PCI Express® 5.0 (PCIe Gen5)


Intel® Core™ i7-12700

System memory



Up to 40W per slot at 35C


Are automatically controlled

Unique tests

Ability to run unique tests on each SSD individually and concurrently

Power cycling & measurement

Individual power cycling and power measurement under software control:
Support for 3.3V, 3.3V aux, 5V and 12V power rails;
Power on/off to each port/device;
PWRDIS#, DUALPORTENT#, PERST#, REFCLK# supported and controllable CLKREQ#, HPT0, HPT1 supported;
Voltage and current measurement for each port/device (+/-50 microamps);
Power measurement under various NVMe low power states;
Full hot-plug support;
Hot swappable devices under test;

Chassis Dimensions

Approx. 12" W × 18" L x 9” H


Powered by the SVF / Enduro v5.0+ software

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