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High-speed Interconnect Analyzer, 4-port, S-par @40 GHz, <1 mm Res., 4 phase matched cables

High-speed Interconnect Analyzer, 4-port, S-par @40 GHz, <1 mm Res., 4 phase matched cables
High-speed Interconnect Analyzer, 4-port, S-par @40 GHz, <1 mm Res., 4 phase matched cables, bundle
Signal Integrity Studio, Analysis & Simulation SW for WAVEPULSER High-Speed Interconnect Analyzer
Key Features
  • S-parameters DC to 40 GHz, single-ended and mixed-mode
  • Impedance Profile with <1 mm resolution, differential and common-mode
  • Internal, automatic OSLT calibration
  • USB-connected, small, lightweight
  • Flexible display of the measurements
  • Remove effects from fixtures, connectors and cables
  • Emulate eye diagrams with CTLE, DFE and FFE equalization
  • Advanced jitter analysis


Complete frequency characterization with a frequency range from DC to 40 GHz and supporting single-ended and mixed-mode S-parameters. Built-in automatic internal calibration is fast and easy. The OLST calibration kit supplied in the WavePulser-40iX-BUNDLE permits the measurement reference plane to be moved as required.

Impedance Profile

Precisely locate impairments with a spatial resolution of <1 mm and supporting both differential and common-mode impedance profiles. Both TDR and TDT capability are provided for complete coverage of both reflected and transmitted responses.

Deep Toolbox

WavePulser 40iX measurements are ready for simulation for with standard deep toolbox for simulation, de-embedding and time-gating. A built-in eye diagram display also permits equalized emulation. Advanced jitter analysis permits measurement of Total (Tj), Random (Rj) and Deterministic (Dj) jitter with de-convolution of Dj into component parts and a variety of jitter views.

Internal, Automatic Calibration

WavePulser calibration standards are built-in (included in the standard unit) and calibration is always automated, simple and fast - make one connection to the DUT and press Go. WavePulser does not require purchase of additional, external calibration standards. Furthermore, WavePulser's TDR/TDT-based approach is independent of setup, making calibration less likely.

Full-range DC to 40 GHz

WavePulser provides results to DC, and extending to 40 GHz of bandwidth, so TDR step response and time-gated and/or emulated physical layer signal responses can avoid extrapolations for low-frequency and DC response - ideal for interconnection systems. set and usability for high-speed interconnect testing.



Main Specifications

Number of Ports   4
Frequency Range DC to 40 GHz
Rise Time 8.5 ps
Frequency Domain Measurements Single-ended and Mixed-mode S-parameters
Time Domain Measurements Impedance Profile, Impulse Response, Step Response, Rho
Calibration Method Internal, automatic, OSLT


Serial Data Compliance

QualiPHY Enabled 1000Base-T1 (Automotive Ethernet) MDI S-parameter Compliance Software Option
QualiPHY Enabled 100Base-T1 (Automotive Ethernet) MDI S-parameter Compliance Software Option
QualiPHY Enabled 10BaseT-1S (Automotive Ethernet) and 10BaseT-1L MDI S-param. Compliance SW Option