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QPHY-DisplayPort 1.4

DisplayPort 1.4 Electrical Test Solution

The QPHY-DisplayPort software option provides an automated test environment for running all of the normative real-time oscilloscope tests for sources in accordance with Version 1.4a of the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) DisplayPort PHY Compliance Test Specification, and with Version 1.0a of the VESA DisplayPort Alt mode on USB Type-C Compliance Test Specification.

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Key Features
  • Compliant with all normative source tests as described in Version 1.4a of the VESA DisplayPort PHY Compliance Test Specification and in Version 1.0a of the VESA DisplayPort Alt Mode on USB Type-C Compliance Test Specification
  • Support for testing of 1, 2 or 4 lanes
  • 100% automated testing using AUX controller and Type-C Alt mode controller
  • Support for RBR, HBR, HBR2, and HBR3 bit rates (1.62 Gb/s, 2.7 Gb/s, 5.4 Gb/s, and 8.1 Gb/s)
  • Integrated support for standard VESA DFE emulation
  • Connection diagrams help to make sure that you get the correct setup the first time
  • QualiPHY report generation creates comprehensive reports with all pertinent test information
  • Powerful and flexible analysis tools offer unmatched insight for diagnosing and solving elusive problems

In order to use the DisplayPort logo, compliance to the DisplayPort compliance test specification must be demonstrated by providing documented test results either from self testing, or from a certified test lab. Use QPHY-DisplayPort to ensure that a device will be ready to pass all required compliance tests. This allows for the quickest turnaround time and fastest time-to-market.

QPHY-DisplayPort makes the process of performing DisplayPort compliance testing extremely quick and easy. The test script supports automatic DUT configuration via connection to an AUX controller or a USB Type-C Alt mode controller plus AUX controller. Users only need to click "Start" in order to perform a test that automatically cycles through all DUT settings, including bit rate, swing, preemphasis level and SSC and sets the required test pattern. When a problem is detected, use the power of Teledyne LeCroy's comprehensive set of oscilloscope serial data analysis tools to help find the root cause of excessive jitter or eye diagram failures.

QPHY-DisplayPort Makes Compliance Testing Easy
Eye Diagram Test

Often, compliance testing is a very difficult task. The user must make the necessary connections between the oscilloscope and the device under test, manually configure the oscilloscope for the appropriate measurement, perform the test procedure as specified by the test specification, record the results and finally compare the results to the appropriate limit in the compliance specification. QPHY-DisplayPort performs many of these steps automatically, decreasing test time and improving repeatability and confidence.

Non Pre-emphasis Level
Comprehensive and Easy-to-read Test Reports

Measurement results often need to be summarized and tabulated to quickly verify specifications. Combining this information, together with instrument and signal acquisition/test condition setups, results in a fully documented record. QPHY-DisplayPort streamlines this process by incorporating an automatic HTML report generation engine. The test reports that are created contain tabulated numerical values for each individual test result, including PASS/FAIL and specification limit columns, as well as informative screenshots for confirmation of results. Reports can be saved in PDF, HTML or XML formats.

Non-ISI and Total Jitter
Advanced Debug Capability

If a compliance failure is found, Teledyne LeCroy's SDAIII-CompleteLinQ family of serial data analysis packages is available to help find the root cause quickly and easily. SDAIII-CompleteLinQ has the ability to compare eye, jitter, and noise measurements on up to four lanes simultaneously. In addition, SDAIII-CompleteLinQ provides insight into the measured eye and jitter parameters - making it easier to identify the sources of problems.

Supported Tests from Version 1.4a of the VESA DisplayPort PHY Compliance Test Specification
  • 3.1 - Eye Diagram Testing
  • 3.2 - HBR/RBR Non Pre-Emphasis Level Verification Testing
  • 3.3 - HBR/RBR Pre Emphasis Level Verification and Max Diff Pk-Pk Output Voltage
  • 3.4 - HBR3/HBR2 Pre-Emphasis Level and Equalization Verification
  • 3.5 - HBR3/HBR2 Max Diff Pk-Pk Output Voltage
  • 3.6 - Inter-Pair Skew Test
  • 3.7 - Intra-Pair Skew Test
  • 3.8 - AC Common Mode Noise Test
  • 3.9 - Non-ISI Jitter Measurement Test
  • 3.11 - Tj, Rj, Dj, Jitter Measurement Test
  • 3.12 - Main Link Frequency Compliance Test
  • 3.13 - Spread Spectrum Modulation Frequency Test
  • 3.14 - Spread Spectrum Modulation Deviation Test
  • 3.15 - dF/dT Spread Spectrum Deviation High-Frequency Variation Test
  • 9.1 - Aux Channel Eye Test
  • 9.5 - Aux Channel Slew Rate Test


QualiPHY is designed to reduce the time, effort and specialized knowledge needed to perform compliance testing on high-speed serial buses.

  • Guides the user through each test setup
  • Performs each measurement in accordance with the relevant test procedure
  • Compares each measured value with the applicable specification limits
  • Fully documents all results
  • QualiPHY helps the user perform testing the right way-every time!
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