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Ethernet testing compliant with IEEE 802.3-2005 requires many test setups, connections and mask tests. Using Teledyne LeCroy QPHY-ENET, these measurements are easy to set up and complete. Instructive connection diagrams and message boxes appear as pop ups on the oscilloscope screen. The connection diagrams instruct the user how to change test fixtures and jumper pins in order to do complete tests. When the tests are complete, QualiPHY will generate a test report in PDF, HTML or XML formats. Jitter and pulse mask tests are performed with automatic waveform alignment, and all test results feature PASS/FAIL indicators corresponding to the standard being tested.

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Key Features
  • Compliant with IEEE 802.3-2005 and ANSI INCITS 263-1995 (R2000) standards (1000Base-T, 100Base-TX, 10Base-T)
  • Simple and easy-to-use automated testing and reporting
  • The Teledyne LeCroy test fixture TF-ENET-B supports the complete range of compliance tests without a probe
  • Built-in power splitter for disturbing signal test
  • Mask testing
  • Supports performance testing with link partner (10Base-T & 100Base-T)
  • Common mode voltage test
  • No "TX TCLK DUT" support


Complete Electrical Compliance Test
QPHY-ENET compliance tests for 10Base-T showing a mask test with pass / fail indication.

QPHY-ENET supports electrical compliance testing of the Physical Media Attachment (PMA) for 10Base-T, 100Base-TX and 1000Base-T. It supports signal acquisition for direct SMA cabling together with the TF-ENET-B test fixture, reducing noise and measurement inaccuracies.

Automated Compliance Testing
QPHY-ENET connection diagrams for 10Base-T, 100Base-TX and 1000Base-T compliance testing.

QPHY-NBASE-T uses the QualiPHY automated compliance test software to operate the oscilloscope and disturbing generator. The QualiPHY test script provides connection diagrams and ensures the proper setup. QualiPHY automates the instrument and provides a comprehensive report of the results including screenshots.

Comprehensive and Easy-to-read Test Reports
The QPHY-ENET report contains tabulated numerical values for each individual test result, including PASS/FAIL and specification limit columns.

Measurement results often need to be summarized and tabulated to quickly verify specifications. This information, together with instrument and signal acquisition/test condition setups, results in a fully documented record. QPHY-NBASE-T streamlines this process by incorporating an automatic HTML report generation engine. The created test reports contain tabulated numerical values for each individual test result, including PASS/FAIL and specification limit columns. Reports can also be saved as PDF, HTML or XML.

Complete Test Fixture
TF-ENET-B contains test sections needed for 10Base-T, 1000Base-TX and 1000Base-T compliance testing.

TF-ENET-B is required to test all three standards (10/100/1000Base-T). All signal connections to the digital oscilloscope are made with SMA cables in order to avoid any influence from additional circuits such as probes. The test fixture kit includes a –3 dB power splitter for 1000Base-T disturbing signal tests, 50 ohm terminators (6), Ethernet cable (1) to connect to the DUT, SMA cables (2) and BNC-to-SMA adapters (2).


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