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Electrical Telecom Mask Test Package

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Leading Features
  • Automatic PASS/FAIL testing
  • Supports ANSI T1 and ITU standard pulse mask tests
  • User-definable mask for custom signals
  • Automatic mask alignment
  • Multiple actions on failure

Fast,Accurate Conformance Testing
The new ET-PMT electrical pulse mask testing software for Teledyne LeCroy Oscilloscopes performs automated compliance mask tests on a wide range of electrical telecom standards.

Signals are tested against standard masks and the software keeps track of the number of failures (signal excursions outside the compliance mask) as well as the percentage of failures relative to the number of sweeps.

Unattended or long-term testing is supported through the use of automated actions on failure. These include storage of the failed waveform, outputting a pulse, printing a screen image, stopping the test,or generating an audible alarm. Any combination of these actions can be set to occur on a failure. The test can be programmed to terminate after a defined number of sweeps or to run indefinitely.

Future-Proof Design
As telecom standards evolve, new pulse types and data rates are defined. In addition, many new applications for pulse mask tests are being developed for proprietary interfaces.

The Teledyne LeCroy ET-PMT software mask, alignment and pulse location functions are completely defined by a single Microsoft™ Access 2000™ data base. New mask test criteria can be added by simply editing this file to include the data rate, mask and any pulse finding criteria.

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