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The QPHY-MIPI-MPHY Test Solution provides automated control of Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscopes for performing transmitter physical layer tests as described by the MIPI Alliance Specification for M-PHY version 3.0.

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Key Features
  • Complies with the MIPI Alliance Conformance Test Suite (CTS) for MPHY 3.0
  • QualiPHY automated test framework provides connection diagrams, automated oscilloscope operation, and report generation
  • Tests HS-MODE, PWM-MODE, and SYS-MODE operation in all gears
  • Integrates M-PHY decoder
  • Debugs compliance failures easily using the MIPI M-PHY debug utility
  • Acquires signals using Teledyne LeCroy’s exclusive M-PHY input adapter, for higher signal fidelity at a significantly lower cost than probe-based approaches
  • Supports differential probes for use with legacy fixtures or “in-situ” testing
Simple, automated test execution

QPHY-MIPI-MPHY operates with a simple, logical flow. First, select the tests to perform. The software helps connect to the DUT correctly by providing clear connection diagrams. It then controls the oscilloscope, fully automating the requested tests in a seamless manner.

Comprehensive report generation

When the tests have been completed, QualiPHY creates a comprehensive report in HTML and/or PDF format. The report contains a high-level summary of test results as well as details and screenshots of each test as performed on the DUT.

Confidence in compliance

QPHY-MIPI-MPHY enables the user to obtain the highest level of confidence in their M-PHY interface. By measuring a large number of cycles in a very short period of time, the user can be confident that they are testing the true behavior of their device against the M-PHY standard.

Seamless transition from test to debug

QPHY-MIPI-MPHY leverages the power and flexibility of Teledyne LeCroy’s comprehensive M-PHY Decode and Physical Layer Test package to provide an environment where problems highlighted in the conformance test can be quickly and easily pinpointed and diagnosed. Complete time correlation between the protocol-level M-PHY decoder and physical layer waveforms and measurements means that tracking down problems is greatly simplified.

Low-cost, high-fidelity signal connections

M-PHY requires both 100Ω differential termination and nonzero common-mode voltage, so simply connecting the Dp and Dn signals to standard 50-Ω oscilloscope inputs may cause an unacceptable level of common-mode current draw from the transmitter under test. The Teledyne LeCroy M-PHY input adapter solves this problem elegantly, maintaining a pristine signal path to the oscilloscope input while providing the required common-mode termination voltage. This eliminates reflections and noise problems inherent in competing probe-based solutions – and at a fraction of the cost.

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