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PCI Express 4.0 introduces a new set of physical-layer testing demands, as sophisticated protocol-aware capabilities are required at transfer rates of 16 Gb/s. Teledyne LeCroy's LabMaster 10 Zi-A oscilloscope combined with the Anritsu Signal Quality Analyzer (SQA) MP1900A BERT delivers a comprehensive system that provides high-speed IC, device, and network engineers with an integrated test solution to conduct automated compliance testing, accelerate debug and ensure faster time-to-market.

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Key Features
  • PCIe Gen4 CEM compliance testing:
    • Transmitter preset and signal quality
    • Transmitter link equalization
    • Receiver test calibration
    • Receiver jitter tolerance
    • PCIe Gen4 Base specification testing:
    • Receiver test calibration
    • Receiver jitter tolerance
    • Transmitter measurements
  • Fully automated stressed-eye calibration for PCIe 4.0 receiver Link Equalization testing
  • Automated collection and analysis of waveforms for transmitter tests
  • Transmitter Link Equalization leveraging ProtoSync transaction-layer decode for deeper insight and visibility
  • Integration of the Teledyne LeCroy PCI Express 4.0 Compliance Board Controller - QualiPHY directly controls test fixture and DUT
  • Server-class CPU in the LabMaster 10Zi-A oscilloscope processes up to 20 instances of SigTest simultaneously significantly reducing test times
  • QualiPHY report generation feature creates comprehensive reports with all pertinent test information
  • Link-layer and transaction-layer decode for system validation and debug


QPHY-PCIE4-TX-RX simplifies complex testing

The PCI-SIG defines a standard set of CEM compliance tests that a device needs to pass for certification, and each test has unique requirements from the test equipment. QPHY-PCIE4-TX-RX first provides a step-by-step guide of how a customer's device and the test solution needs to be connected together to correctly perform the test. It then enables and configures the appropriate set of instrument features, performs the test, and records the results.

Simplified test setup

Often, compliance testing is a very difficult task. The user must make the necessary connections between the oscilloscope and the device under test, manually configure the oscilloscope for the appropriate measurement, perform the test procedure as specified by the test specification, record the results and finally compare the results to the appropriate limit in the compliance specification. QPHY-PCIe4-TX-RX performs many of these steps automatically, decreasing test time and improving repeatability and confidence.

Base Testing for Characterization

On-chip PCI Express transmitters and receivers are designed and tested to the PCI Express Base specification, which defines fundamental electrical and protocol behaviors. Unlike CEM compliance, Base testing is not subject to an official compliance test program, but rather used to characterize device behavior. QPHY-PCIE4-TX-RX also covers Base specification testing. In addition, Teledyne LeCroy's SDAIII CompleteLinQ toolset includes emulation capability for PCI Express reference PLL and CTLE behaviors, for in-depth characterization and debug.

Link Equalization Visibility with ProtoSync

During transmitter link equalization, the transmitter's emphasis not only needs to respond to the correct equalization request, it needs to change within a specified time. The voltage waveform has information on when the change occurs at the physical layer, but not when the change request was made in protocol. ProtoSync leverages Teledyne LeCroy's industry-standard protocol analysis software to decode the acquired waveform up to the transaction layer. This enables QualiPHY to determine the precise timing of the equalization change request, for full visibility into link training behavior.

Fastest receiver test calibration

PCI Express 4.0 receiver test calibration requires running SigTest software over 200 times. If done sequentially, this could take several hours. The LabMaster 10Zi-A has a powerful server-class processor that QPHY-PCIE4-TX-RX leverages to run up to 20 instances of SigTest in parallel, significantly speeding up calibration.

Complete test automation

Testing for PCI Express requires multiple power cycles, reset operations, and transmitter preset toggles to be applied to the device under test. In previous iterations of the standard this was either a cumbersome manual process, or required expensive additional signal generators to automate. The Teledyne LeCroy TF-PCIE4-CTRL CBB automation controller is a low-cost accessory that connects directly to the oscilloscope an is fully integrated into QPHY-PCIE4-TX-RX to enable total test automation for PCIe Gen4 testing - further reducing test times and eliminating chances for operator error in complex test environments.

A solution for PCIe Gen5

The next generation of PCI Express will operate at data rate of 32 Gb/s. PCIe Gen5 Compliance testing will require higher bandwidth oscilloscopes than Gen4, and a BERT system which is protocol-aware at 32 Gb/s. The LabMaster 10Zi-A family of oscilloscopes and the MP1900A SQA-R already fulfill all these hardware requirements. The Teledyne LeCroy/Anritsu PCI Express test solution represents not only a system for the current generation of PCI Express, but an investment in the development and testing of future technologies.


QualiPHY is designed to reduce the time, effort and specialized knowledge needed to perform compliance testing on high-speed serial buses.

  • Guides the user through each test setup
  • Performs each measurement in accordance with the relevant test procedure
  • Compares each measured value with the applicable specification limits
  • Fully documents all results
  • QualiPHY helps the user perform testing the right way—every time!
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