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The Application Notes section of the Teledyne LeCroy Technical Library lets you search for, browse, and print the latest technical documentation. A search aid allows you to filter documents by category or keyword.

Application Notes on this site are available in PDF format for easy download.

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X-Stream COM Object Programming with MATLAB

Understanding the MATLAB Syntax for Interfacing with the LeCroy X-Stream COM Object Server

Oscilloscope De-embedding Tools

Many tools exist to account for probe attenuation or remove cable propagation delay, but which is the right one to use? This paper summarizes the de-embedding methods available on most Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscopes.

Making Tx EQ Measurements with Your Oscilloscope

PCI Express 6.0 has 11 new presets and requires a method for measuring best-fit Tx EQ. SDAIII software can be used to easily make pulse measurements of Tx EQ for PCIe 6.0 testing.

Making New PCIe 6.0 Compliance Pattern Measurements with Your Oscilloscope

PCI Express 6.0 requires measurements of SNDR, RLM and package insertion loss using a new Compliance Pattern signal. Here’s how to use Teledyne LeCroy’s SDAIII software to quickly make these measurements.

How PAM4 Signaling is Changing PCIe 6.0 Jitter Measurements

PCI Express 6.0 adds multilevel PAM4 signal measurements and tighter tolerances to PCIe electrical test requirements. Here is a summary of what will be necessary to get your PCIe 6.0 designs up to speed.

Measuring Clock Jitter Sensitivity to Power Rail Noise

This tutorial describes a method for measuring the sensitivity of clock jitter to noise sources, such as rail voltage changes. We use the track of the clock jitter to characterize the “fingerprint” of different noise sources.