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Protocol Analysis in the Data Center: The case for line-rate analysis tools in the Data Center Managers Tool Chest

Ethernet and Fibre Channel fabric speeds are evolving at a phenomenal pace and require support for a diverse set of applications and protocols, including Client/Server, Web Hosting, Unified Communications, Virtual Machines and Storage traffic.

Protocol Analysis in the Data Center - Ransomware

Rising ransomware attacks remain a top concern for IT Data Centers

Protocol Analysis in the Data Center - WorkloadIntellegence

Network and SAN Architects who understand their workloads, can reduce costs and improve overall performance and reliability.

Protocol of the Phy

Traditional signal integrity tools for hardware development are proving insufficient in the effective determination and debug of PHY layer specification non-conformance. The challenge presented is how to incorporate current tools and practices with new offerings to achieve success.

Enhanced Sample Rate Mode Measurement Precision

Enhanced Sample Rate, combined with the low-noise system architecture and the tailored brick-wall frequency response in the HDO4000A, HDO6000A, HDO8000A and MDA800A series oscilloscopes dramatically improves the measurement precision when the input frequency signals are very high frequency, such as a high-frequency sine wave or fast edge.

Technologies for Very High Bandwidth Real-time Oscilloscopes

Technologies and design considerations are presented for the design of very high bandwidth oscilloscopes. These include chip, DSP and microwave technologies employed in some of the fastest waveform digitizers in the world.

32-bit/s/Hz Spectral Efficiency WDM Transmission over 177-km Few-Mode Fiber

We transmit 32 WDM channels over 12 spatial and polarization modes of 177 km few-mode fiber at a record spectral efficiency of 32 bit/s/Hz. The transmitted signals are strongly coupled and recovered using 12 x 12 multiple-input multiple-output digital signal processing.

12 x 12 MIMO Transmission over 130-km Few-Mode Fiber

We demonstrate 12 x 12 multiple-input multiple-output mode multiplexed transmission over 130-km of few-mode fiber of a combined 6-space-, 2-polarization-, and 8-wavelength-division multiplex, using low-loss photonic lantern and 3D-waveguide mode multiplexers.

Configurable Protocol Decoding of Manchester And NRZ-Encoded Signals

The industry's first NRZ and Manchester configurable protocol decoders accept a broad range of physical characteristics for NRZ- or Manchester-encoded signals.

Understanding SDAIII Jitter Calculation Methods

The SDAIII-CompleteLinQ toolset calculates total, random and deterministic jitter (Tj, Rj and Dj), periodic jitter (Pj) and data-dependent jitter (DDj), which includes inter-symbol interference (ISI) and duty cycle distortion (DCD). The toolset includes three algorithmic methods based on dual-Dirac models for calculating and decomposing Tj, Rj and Dj. The document describes the three methods and explains the similarities and differences.