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Configurable Protocol Decoding of Manchester And NRZ-Encoded Signals

The industry's first NRZ and Manchester configurable protocol decoders accept a broad range of physical characteristics for NRZ- or Manchester-encoded signals.

Understanding SDAIII Jitter Calculation Methods

The SDAIII-CompleteLinQ toolset calculates total, random and deterministic jitter (Tj, Rj and Dj), periodic jitter (Pj) and data-dependent jitter (DDj), which includes inter-symbol interference (ISI) and duty cycle distortion (DCD). The toolset includes three algorithmic methods based on dual-Dirac models for calculating and decomposing Tj, Rj and Dj. The document describes the three methods and explains the similarities and differences.

Create a CustomDSO PlugIn with Visual Studio

Customize Your Scope With Your Own Program Developed In Visual Basic From Microsoft’s Visual Studio