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Using DisplayPort Passive Monitoring to Solve Real-World Interoperability Issues

Teledyne LeCroy's T.A.P.4 proprietary technology for full passive monitoring of DP protocol bus provides a non-intrusive tap to allow visibility to both Main Link and AUX Channel traffic for debug of interoperability issues between real DP 2.1 devices.

Protocol Analysis in the Data Center: The case for line-rate analysis tools in the Data Center Managers Tool Chest

Ethernet and Fibre Channel fabric speeds are evolving at a phenomenal pace and require support for a diverse set of applications and protocols, including Client/Server, Web Hosting, Unified Communications, Virtual Machines and Storage traffic.

Protocol Analysis in the Data Center - Ransomware

Rising ransomware attacks remain a top concern for IT Data Centers

Protocol Analysis in the Data Center - WorkloadIntellegence

Network and SAN Architects who understand their workloads, can reduce costs and improve overall performance and reliability.

Protocol of the Phy

Traditional signal integrity tools for hardware development are proving insufficient in the effective determination and debug of PHY layer specification non-conformance. The challenge presented is how to incorporate current tools and practices with new offerings to achieve success.

Article: Delivering SuperSpeed with 25% Lower Power

USB 3.0: cranking up to superspeed

SuperSpeed USB Protocol Verification Probing at 5Gbps

USB 3.0 early adopters will begin testing the next-generation peripheral interconnect (known as SuperSpeed USB) later this year. Promising ten times the speed of USB 2.0 and backward compatibility with legacy USB devices, product verification teams testing these chipsets will face numerous hurdles along the way.

CATC Automation API - Automation API

CATC’s Automation Application Programming Interface (API) is a software application that allows sophisticated users to create scripts or programs of commands and run these scripts or programs locally or remotely over a network.

Time for USB Development - USB

It is time to provide USB support for your product. The serial port we all used to rely on is gradually disappearing. Even the parallel port has started to disappear from printers. The Universal Serial Bus (USB) is a versatile and flexible medium providing connectivity for a wide variety of devices.