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FMS 2022 Teledyne LeCroy - End to End NVMe Debugging​​​​​​​​​

Learn how to root cause of intermittent problems when running NVMe Validation tests.

FMS 2022 Teledyne LeCroy - Debugging High Latency Bursts on Datacenter Workloads​​​​​​

Learn how to debug high latency bursts in Data Center workloads.​

FMS 2022 Teledyne LeCroy - Eclypsium - Qualifying NVMe drives in a Zero Trust World​​​​​​

Learn challenges and mitigation strategies for managing hardware- and firmware-level risks.

FMS 2019 Teledyne LeCroy - Testing Performance Analysis Memory Fencing​

​Use our patented "Memory fencing" technology to detect functional errors that occur when a device with accesses memory space outside of the area specified by the device driver​​.​

DesignCon 2018 - Measuring Current and Current Sharing of DC-DC Converters

This paper will establish a practical range for the time constants that we need to cover and will illustrate the effectiveness of DSP-based corrections for a few selected time-constant values.

DesignCon 2017 - Understanding Vertical Resolution in Oscilloscopes

This paper discusses analog-to-digital converter (ADC) resolution (mostly with regard to oscilloscopes) and considerations for improving resolution using various ADC deployment methods.

DesignCon 2017 - The Fastest PAM4 Signal Ever Generated

The fastest electrical PAM-4 signal is demonstrated. The technology behind the generation of this signal along with the acquisition of the signal is discussed along with the motivation for generating signals like this in optical communications research.

DesignCon 2017 - A Generic Test Tool For Power Distribution Networks

Power distribution network testing and validation is an important task in the system design flow. To avoid unnecessary testing time, the measurement setup, the instruments and the connections should be reusable for different tasks. Instruments and setups, therefore, whether they work in the time domain or frequency domain, limit the number of functions that can be performed without changing instruments, or cables or connections. The paper explores test setups and instrumentations that allow multiple tests being performed without changing the hardware connections. Real-life test results will illustrate the benefits and limitations of the setup.