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The Application Notes section of the Teledyne LeCroy Technical Library lets you search for, browse, and print the latest technical documentation. A search aid allows you to filter documents by category or keyword.

Application Notes on this site are available in PDF format for easy download.

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qdPrime Automated Test Coverage: Getting started

Teledyne LeCroy qdPrime test suite overview.

Using quantumdata M42de to transmit a continuous test pattern

This Technical Brief illustrates how the M42de can be used to characterize an active cable by using the Tx port to transmit various test patterns.

X-Stream COM Object Programming with MATLAB

Understanding the MATLAB Syntax for Interfacing with the LeCroy X-Stream COM Object Server

Oscilloscope De-embedding Tools

Many tools exist to account for probe attenuation or remove cable propagation delay, but which is the right one to use? This paper summarizes the de-embedding methods available on most Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscopes.

Making Tx EQ Measurements with Your Oscilloscope

PCI Express 6.0 has 11 new presets and requires a method for measuring best-fit Tx EQ. SDAIII software can be used to easily make pulse measurements of Tx EQ for PCIe 6.0 testing.