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Customization Programming Examples


LeCroy XStream oscilloscopes provides powerful capability to add your own parameters, functions, display algorithms, or other routines to the oscilloscope user interface without having to leave the instrument application environment. You can customize the instrument to your needs by using the power of programs such as Excel™, Mathcad™, and MATLAB™, or by scripting in VBS. Whichever method you use, the results appear on the instrument's display together with the signals you started with. This ability offers tremendous advantages in solving unique problems for a large range of applications, with comparatively little effort from you.

All of the programming example files for customization are VBScripts (.lss), Text (.txt), Microsoft™ Word Documents (.doc), or Microsoft™ Excel Spreadsheets (.xls). Once you download the .zip collection of example files, the following list maps the Zi documentation/help file topics to the programming example files.

Zi Documentation/Help TopicProgramming Example File (from the .zip file)
Arithmetic OperatorsBrackets.xls
Correlation Excel Waveform FunctionCorrelateExcel22Apr.lss
Correlation Excel Waveform FunctionNoisySine22Apr.txt
Correlation Excel Waveform FunctionCorrelate22Apr.xls
Customization SolutionsHistLogEBSolidMar20.txt
Default Parameter Function ScriptMeanDemoSetupApr2.lss
Default Parameter Function ScriptParameterScriptEdit.doc
Example Parameter ScriptDecayParameter.doc
Example Parameter ScriptCustomWindow.doc
Exponential Decay Time ConstantPhosphorDecay20Apr.lss
Exponential Decay Time ConstantPhosphorPulseGen.txt
Exponential Decay Time ConstantPhosphorDecay.xls
Gated Parameter Using ExcelGatedParameterExcel.lss
Gated Parameter Using ExcelRandomGate22Apr.tx
Gated Parameter Using ExcelRandomPulses22Apr.txt
Gated Parameter Using ExcelGatedMean.xls
Multiple Traces on One GridLaserStartupApr25.txt
Multiple Traces on One GridLaserStartupPulses.xls
Multiple Traces on One GridLaserStartupPulses2.xls
Multiple Traces on One GridLaserStartupPulses3.xls
Surface PlotLaserStartup25Apr.lss
Using a Surface PlotLaserSurface1May.lss
Using a Surface PlotLaserSurface2May.txt
Using a Surface PlotLaserSurface2May.xls
VBS ControlsDoLoops.xls
VBS ControlsIfThenElse.xls
VBS ControlsSelectCase.xls
What Can You Do with a Customized Oscilloscope?GaussExpExactMar20.txt
What Can You Do with a Customized Oscilloscope?DVISCRT.txt


All Zi oscilloscope models.

NOTE: Programming Example attachments require that you are a valid registered user at the Teledyne LeCroy web site.

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