Physical Layer Test Solutions

Physical Layer Test Solutions

Tools tailored towards power management speed up test and debug.

Protocol Layer Test Solutions

Protocol Layer Test Solutions

100% Coverage for USB4, USB 3.2, PD & USB Type-C™ Verification.

  • USB-IF Approved solutions for Power Delivery, Type-C, USB Link and Hub Compliance
  • Industry's only PHY layer tapping and protocol decoding solution
  • Defacto Standard CATC Trace display for fast analysis and problem resolution
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Testing and Training

Teledyne LeCroy’s Austin Labs is a leading provider of independent testing and training services focused on server, storage, and networking interfaces, including PHY testing and protocols analysis.

  • Intermediate and advanced host or peripheral training classes - on site, on location, and virtual
  • Extensive hardware, integration/interoperation, failure analysis, and characterization test services
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Tools tailored towards power management speed up test and debug



  • MIPI command sequence capable
  • Non-standard frame support
  • Full arbitration sequence support
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  • All Command Protocols supported
  • ARP, SMBALERT#, PEC error capable
  • Compatible with Clock Stretching
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  • Popular command code support
  • Numeric format automatically filled
  • Custom file for command definition
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Trigger, Decode, Measure/Graph, Eye Diagram

Powerful and unique TDME options for faster debug and validation efficiency

Highest Performance Triggers

Powerful Triggers and Decoders

  • Flexible Trigger Capability
  • Intuitive, Color-Coded Overlays
  • Filter decoder table on specific data
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Measure and Graph Tools for Validation Efficiency

Unique Measure and Graph Tools

  • Serial Data DAC and Graphing Tools
  • Automated Timing Measurements
  • Bus Status Measurements
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Eye Diagrams & Physical Layer Testing

Flexible Eye Diagram Capability

  • 4 Simultaneous eyes
  • User-defined or pre-defined Masks
  • Additional Physical Layer Testing
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