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Teledyne LeCroy's Power Analyzer Package provides exceptional ability to measure and analyze the operating characteristics of power conversion circuits. Critical power switching device measurements, control loop modulation analysis, and line power harmonic testing are all simplified with a dedicated user interface and automatic measurements. Specially designed Teledyne LeCroy accessories, such as differential amplifiers, differential probes, current probes, and deskew fixtures, provide unparalleled measurement quality.

The Power Analyzer package provides quick and easy setup of voltage and current inputs and makes measurements as simple as the push of a button. Tools are provided to help reduce sources of measurement errors, measurement parameters provide details of single cycle or average value over multiple cycles. Areas of power device turn-on and turn-off transitions, and conduction are all identified with color-coded waveform overlays. Measurement parameter table automatically calculates each element of device losses and sums their total.

Control Loop Response Analysis provides insight to understand a control loop’s response to critical events such as a power supply’s soft start or step response to line and load changes. Line power analysis tools provide insight to power consumption as well as enables quick pre-compliance testing to EN 61000-3-2. Decisions on power quality are aided with total harmonic distortion and analysis of contributions to distortion.

The Power Analyzer Package is available on multiple oscilloscope platforms on a wide range of oscilloscope bandwidths from 200 MHz to 65 GHz.