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Software Options: Serial Trigger and Decode

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The Most Intuitive Decode

Teledyne LeCroy decode solutions use color-coded overlays on various sections of the protocol for an easy-to-understand visual display. Depending on the time base or the amount of zoom, the decode information is condensed or expanded to better assist in understanding events during short or long acquisitions.

Powerful Conditional Data triggering

Completely isolate specific protocol message events for better understanding and debug. Use a conditional DATA trigger to select a range of DATA values to trigger on, not just a single DATA value.

Convenient Table Display Summarizes Results

Turn your oscilloscope into a protocol analyzer with the table display of protocol information. Custom configure the table to display the information you want, and export table data into an Excel file. Touch the message in the table and automatically zoom for detail. In all cases, the table never obscures your waveform.

Search and Zoom

The powerful search engine can quickly find an Event, Packet, Transaction, or Protocol Error. Search through a long record of decoded data by entering any of the available search criteria by entering a value or simply finding the next occurrence.