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Firmware Upgrade Path for Obsolete Teledyne LeCroy Oscilloscopes

Flash Upgrade Units:

The following scopes can be upgraded to these versions with emailed files through the floppy drive or Teledyne LeCroy Scope Explorer via GPIB/TCPIP. Press the Show Status or Scope Status button, and then select System to view your model number and current firmware version (sometimes called Soft Version)

Model File Name Version
WP9XX / DDA260 / J260 vxfusion 9.3.0
WR2(LT262,264,372,354,374,584) LT37X 9.3.0
WR1(LT224,322,342,344,364) LTXXX 9.3.0
LC684 LC584, LC564 or DDA-110, 120, 125 LC58X 9.3.0
LC334,  LC334A,  LC534,  LC534A,  LC574A  LC374A LCXXX 9.3.0
93XXC, 935xA,TM * , 937x, 9384 93XX3 8.2.2
* Some 935xA’s have (68030) CPU3 processor with EPROM’s   8.1.0

These units can be upgraded automatically using the application Scope Explorer either automatically if ScopeExplorer can access the Internet from your facility, or utilizing a local firmware file.?Upgrades can also be executed using floppy disks. Contact your Teledyne LeCroy Customer Care facility for further upgrade instructions.

If firmware does not load, open cover and look on processor for an EPROM chip.These units are not field upgradeable.

EPROM units: Not Field Upgradeable

93XX and LCXXX scopes at version 7.3.0 or lower are not field upgradeable due to loader incompatible. LCXXX scopes can upgraded at Teledyne LeCroy Service facilities; 93xx scopes are no longer supported.

Limited to version 7.2.2 due to their 68020 processor:

935x* non A?(68020) 7.2.2
9304A* and non A ** (68020) 7.2.2
931xA* and non A ** (68020) 7.2.2

93xx Specialty Scopes are fixed at the following versions:

9360, 9362 7.5.1 (68030) some units have EPROM some Flash. Need to check processor board.
9361 7.2.2 (68030) some units have EPROM some Flash. Need to check processor board.

Other Obsolete Units with fixed versions:

94XX 5.2
9400, A 2.0.6 (2.0.8 with FFT option.)
7200 1.5.0
7200A 3.3.1
LS140 2.1.1
9210 3.8